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Do you have the feeling that there is more going on behind your back and you simply want to know for sure? Do you have a conflict with someone? Is your problem not a priority for the police or the public prosecutor, or perhaps you are not even being believed? We give specific advice based on the nature of your problem and can define a strategy tailored to your budget.


We are authorised to carry out certain investigative activities for clients and process a detailed overview of the findings made into a report. This report contains a description of all activities performed, including the dates, places and hours at which these activities took place. Our final report, as well as the related pieces of evidence such as photographs and visual material, can be submitted to your lawyer and used in court if necessary.

The information that the detective has gathered will not be disclosed to anyone other than the client. We guarantee absolute discretion.

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The cost of hiring a private investigator is sometimes seen as a stumbling block, but the total cost does not outweigh the costs that can be saved if you don’t have to pay your ex-partner a maintenance allowance or when the well-being of you or your children is at stake. Our report can also be submitted to your lawyer and used in court if necessary.

The list of common issues is not exhaustive. Contact us without obligation if you have a specific question.

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