Our approach

Most of our clients have never made use of a private investigator and do not know what to expect. To give you more insight into our methodology, below you will find an overview of the different phases of our investigation cycle with an explanation. We also answer some frequently asked questions of clients and give an overview of relevant web links for those who might be interested. In the overview on the left you will also find a link to our blog in which we discuss current issues concerning the work of private investigators.


You can contact us without obligation for an initial interview. During the interview, you can ask your questions and we can propose an investigation strategy based on the information you provide, taking into account your situation and possibilities.

Before we can start our investigation, we must conclude a written agreement with you. This includes a precise description of the assignment and an indication of the duration of the investigation. You will also receive a transparent overview of our rates and the expected costs.

Conducting surveillance

We carry out the assignment according to the strategy agreed in the interview. In doing so, we respect the applicable legislation at all times, including the Act of 19 July 1991 regulating the profession of private investigator (Belgian Official Journal 2 October 1991), the Privacy Act of 8 December 1992 (Belgian Official Journal 18 March 1993), the Act of 30 June 1994 for the protection of privacy against eavesdropping, examining and opening private communications and telecommunications (Belgian Official Journal 24 January 1995) and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Interim reporting

We will contact you at regular intervals in function of the need you indicate. It is possible that we, in consultation with you, may adapt our strategy as a result of a changed situation or new facts that come to light in the course of the investigation. This interim feedback allows us to guarantee a certain amount of flexibility in carrying out our assignments, with you having the ability to act as a guiding factor. However, we do ask you not to actively intervene yourself in our investigation at any time. This enables us to conduct our investigation discreetly.

Final report

After completion of the assignment, a final report will be drawn up for the client. This report contains the following information: a description of the activities performed, stating the dates, places and hours at which these activities took place; an accurate calculation of the remuneration and costs; the evidence that the private investigator has collected in the context of his assignment. The report is drawn up in only two copies, one of which is intended for the client, and the other is kept for five years by the private investigator. The information obtained during execution of the assignment will not be disclosed to third parties.