Parental contact arrangements

Parental contact arrangements

It is in the interests of your child that agreements made or arrangements imposed by the court are respected. If your ex-partner fails to respect the parental contact arrangements or if you have doubts about the use of time by your ex-partner when he or she has the children, feel free to come to us for advice. We can collect the necessary evidence concerning failure to respect the visitation scheme, as well as check whether care is being taken for the children by your ex-partner or by his or her new partner. Moreover, parental access rights are a personal right. Do you suspect that your former partner is not looking out for the children at all? Here again an intervention on our part can play to your advantage.

Are you required to pay your ex-partner alimony but suspect that he or she is withholding income from you or doing undeclared work? Or does your former partner owe you alimony but he or she is not complying with the scheme on the pretext that they cannot afford it? As a licensed private investigator, we are able to gather information about persons, including their financial situation.

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